A Guide to Our Beautiful, Handmade Reindeer Moss Art!

A Guide to Our Beautiful, Handmade Reindeer Moss Art!

Nowadays, people are more inclined to include plants in their interior décor. This is because the plants not only make your interiors more appealing but also play a significant role in your overall health. In addition, indoor plants often stand as accent pieces that soften look and feel and create specific expressions.

Reindeer moss wall arts emerged as one of the popular eco-friendly decorating and gifting items among people. While most people prefer keeping potted plants in their interior, some prefer going for hanging wall arts. Therefore, at Reindeer Moss Art, we started with our small family business to create varied eco-friendly gifts and decorate ideas with our specialty imported reindeer moss, bun moss and flat moss!

All our home décor products are handmade and crafted with the best materials. Whether it is the wooden frames, concrete pots, metals, or reindeer moss, offering the best quality is our utmost priority. We create our home décor items using the best reindeer moss imported from the forests of Finland. You can avail a selection of eco-friendly gifts, home and office décor ideas with reindeer moss!

Here’s what we offer.

Moss Art

Moss art is an eco-friendly piece of home décor item created by using different types of mosses. Often built on a wooden frame or photo frame, moss arts stand as the perfect alternative to the traditional green living wall. The frames are ideal for indoor that do not receive much sunlight. Moss arts come in a wide array of designs that you can easily customize. We at Reindeer Moss Art create these moss arts using imported and preserved mosses, eco-friendly and harmless. Our moss arts and other interior decorating items created using moss offer the same functionality, look and feel as other indoor plants and regular moss.

Moss Pots

You can even choose moss pots for gifting and interior decoration. Reindeer Moss Art has a range of handmade moss pots. Our pots are made from concrete, bamboo and natural birch bark, which are a perfect addition to your office and homes. But that's not all; we are looking for a new ecological pot to expand our offer. With our eco-friendly moss, you can bring the outdoors inside. Are you looking for a dark forest or a lighter look for your home? You can choose from the wide range of moss posts crafted by Reindeer Moss Art!