Reindeer Moss Walls and Eco friendly gifts in the home

Greenery and Plants: Their Role in Our Lives, Homes, Interiors

When it comes to health, wellbeing and a general sense of serenity, there are many things about our environment that can influence how we feel. From the air we breath to the light our homes let in, every small element of our lives, our homes, our interiors contribute to our sense of happiness.

One thing we are constantly told is that greenery and plants are good for both the environment we are in as well as our own sense of calm. For us, moss wall art is something that can bring not just stunning features to our homes or office, it is also able to give us a more environmentally sound and healthy environment.

Whatever space you may have, what you fill your interior space with matters. We have a wonderful, eclectic, and always stunning range of ideas, using only the finest Norwegian Reindeer Moss art to add a unique touch to any room, but bringing with it a natural calm that only this can deliver.

From large and personally created living moss feature walls to some more subtly placed but equally vibrant moss wall art, our ability to satisfy the aesthetic and environmental interior design and style needs of our most discerning clients continues to make us proud.

Few things can make your space as naturally effervescent and uniquely exquisite as our framed moss, or even a full wall made of moss panels, adding so much more than any paint or wallpaper can add to a room. For those who want greenery and plants to decorate their room, we have a delightful range of framed moss that takes your art collection and your environment to another level, with all the wellbeing benefits that our premium Finnish moss is guaranteed and renowned to give. Make your environment, home, or office a stunning interior with moss art


Reindeer Moss Art offers handmade Eco Friendly gifts and Moss Walls. We are a family business, based in Hertfordshire. We source the best materials and Reindeer Moss to create the best products for you. Take a look at our website for more details.