Reindeer Moss Art Walls Life span

What Is Preserved Moss?

When it comes to the living moss wall at your London property, it is likely to be one of the most sleek and stylish elements of any room, with the added advantage of low to no maintenance, a real draw for people who want moss art in their London home or office. From moss art on your London living moss wall to moss decoration and preserved plants to decorate your London offices, your main job is to choose what you want, put it in place and enjoy all the benefits without any high maintenance to worry about. Preserved moss is all about long life and less work.

Giving Your Moss Light

Although our reindeer moss art and moss decoration for London properties looks and feels perfectly real, the level of care you are required to give it is surprisingly low. As is the case with any moss art or a living moss wall in your London premises, moss does not require sunlight to survive or indeed thrive. The reason for this is that your reindeer moss art and moss decoration is made from preserved moss that is not actually alive. So how does it maintain such a stunning and healthy look? Well, with moss art and framed moss in London properties, this is done due to careful treatments that are designed to preserve and conserve the original state of the moss. That said, all our moss art and moss decoration for London customers can of course be placed in a location with direct sunlight if that is what you prefer, but to keep it fresh and vibrant looking we would advise that all reindeer moss is not exposed to too much direct sunlight.

No Need to Water

With any plant, people need to know about preservation, but with moss art and all our reindeer moss, London property owners can say goodbye to watering and hello to maintenance-free moss decoration. Any preserved plants or moss art at your London home or office do not need water, so they will flourish and delight with minimum effort on your part, allowing you to enjoy them without the hassle of watering.

Maintenance Free Moss Walls

When you add a living moss wall to your London property, it’s all about style without effort. No watering, no fertilizer needed, and no worries about some sunlight being on it. Not only this, but a living moss wall and moss decoration does not grow, so no trimming needed either. Bring the outdoors inside with a stunning living moss wall for your London property, and contact Reindeer Moss Art to get started.


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