Christmas Decorations

We are excited to announce that our Christmas collection is here!!!

Using 100% natural products that bring ecologically sound style to your home, Reindeer Moss Art is proud to offer moss christmas decorations that are simply stunning. Each of our mini Christmas moss decorations is designed to delight and only ever made with 100% natural products.

Our commitment to ecologically sound products is seen in each of our moss christmas decorations, with carefully crafted items that will create an inspirational and serene green scene wherever you choose to put them. With so many decorations that use unsustainable materials, we are proud to have mini Christmas moss selections that are both 100% natural and safe for both the environment and our customers. Adding Christmas tree moss to your festive decorations will add a unique style and a natural look. Browse our moss Christmas decorations and find the natural products that suit your style and create your bespoke look.

  1. Handmade Wooden Christmas Tree
  1. Reindeer Head Wooden Coasters
  1. Wooden Moss Star
  1. Christmas Tree  Card
  1. Pine Cones Garland
  1. Pure Beeswax Christmas Pillar Candle