Eco friendly Gift & Moss Decor

Bring the outdoors inside with our handmade Reindeer Moss Art, Moss Decor and Moss Walls. The perfect eco friendly gift.

If you know someone who is passionate about living a greener lifestyle or you wish to introduce them to ways to become more environmentally conscious, gifting them with Moss Décor is a great way to do that. It is a wonderful eco-friendly gift that does not require as much maintenance as living plants. Moss art consists of preserved moss which allows it to stay forever rather than withering away, if not maintained properly. Reindeer Moss Art brings to you a range of carefully curate moss art that you can gift your loved ones. Give them the gift of nature through handmade moss art frames, décor and walls that are created using premium quality preserved moss from the lush forests of Finland.

Wonderful keepsake that will remind your loved ones of you. A touch of nature does everyone some good as the natural world attracts us all. Maintaining a connection with nature is more essential than ever in today's hectic digital world. Moss art brings the beauty of the outdoors into the heart of your home. The soft textures, intricate natural characteristics and vivid hues of our ethically produced and naturally preserved plants are highly sustainable.

  1. Sweet Home Gift Box
  1. Sweet & Cosy Gift Box
  1. Handmade Wooden Christmas Tree
  1. Reindeer Head Wooden Coasters
  1. Rustic Wood Art
  1. Heart Tree branches in Mango Wooden Frame with Moss
  1. Moss Tree Frame
  1. Photo Frame Reindeer Moss Art
  1. Moss Wooden Heart
  1. Love Reindeer Moss Art Frame
  1. Three Moss Natural Art
  1. Reindeer Moss Love Mum
  1. Reindeer Moss Birch Pots
  1. Moss Wooden Love Sign
  1. Graphite Concrete Moss Pots
  1. Moss Cubes
  1. Mossy Monster Leaf in Mango Wooden Frame
  1. Moss in Black Modern Wooden Frames
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  1. Moss in Grey Concrete Pots