Moss Art

Bring the outdoors inside with our handmade Reindeer Moss Art.

Moss Art is an emerging art style that involves creating graffiti using fresh preserved moss. It is a fairly new type of artistic expression that is particularly relevant in today's world when environmental protection is so vital. Artists are making one-of-a-kind moss paintings that give you all the pleasant green vibes by mixing different hues and textures of moss. Twigs, flowers, ferns and other natural objects, such as stones, are used by certain artists to enhance colour and texture and give the final product an element of wonder.

Soft luscious moss sourced all the way from the majestic forests of Finland is a key feature of Reindeer Moss Art. Enhance your home décor with a touch of nature with Moss Frame Art or add a mystical feel to your house by going for a moss wall. As opposed to having numerous plants moss requires minimal maintenance, which allows you to enjoy natural greenery around you. If you would like to install a Moss Wall Art in the UK then Reindeer Moss Art brings to you special categories of moss to choose from – reindeer moss, flat moss and bun moss which come in different hues. These also make perfect gifts for near and dear ones.

  1. Heart Tree branches in Mango Wooden Frame with Moss
  1. Love Reindeer Moss Art Frame
  1. Moss Tree Frame
  1. Photo Frame Reindeer Moss Art
  1. Three Moss Natural Art
  1. Mossy Monster Leaf in Mango Wooden Frame
  1. Reindeer Moss Love Mum
  1. Moss Wooden Heart
  1. Moss Wooden Love Sign