Reindeer Moss Art Collections

Using 100% natural products, Reindeer Moss is our most popular moss. Used in our feature moss art, pots and moss decoration items, reindeer moss is a bushy lichen indigenous to Norway’s forests and mountain areas. With a spongy look and feel that allows it to hold its shape and colour, reindeer moss is both versatile and decorative, which is why it is so popular in our moss art and moss decoration products.


Reindeer moss grows in lush mats over large areas and, along with leaves, willows and grasses, reindeer moss is one of the main winter food sources for reindeer, with moose, caribou and musk oxen also eating it. This reindeer moss is reached by these animals digging craters in the snow. Natural reindeer moss, as used in all our moss art and moss decoration products, offers high carbohydrate value, including special chemicals giving reindeers energy to make body heat for warmth during their annual cross-arctic journey.

Where the natural reindeer moss grows in Norway, a carefully controlled harvesting is important, and the moss used in our moss art is hand harvested for minimum environmental impacts to the forest and animal inhabitants, making our moss art 100% natural product based and ecologically impeccable.

Before we use natural reindeer moss in our moss art and moss decoration products, a special preservation process takes place. For all our reindeer moss art, our team of expert florists set to work to carefully craft this lovely reindeer moss into a bespoke design moss wall for one of our clients. Without exception, when you buy moss art, moss decoration and anything from our moss online store, you are buying 100% natural products.

Moss Art - Real Moss Decoration, Preserved Moss & Plants

When it comes to the pure, velvet texture, tactile delights and depth of natural reindeer moss, nothing artificial even comes close. From deep dyed to vibrant yellows or true to life in forest greens, natural reindeer moss in our moss art allows us to easily sculpt shapes, moss logos or lettering to suit you and your brand.

High Impact
With our reindeer moss art, the texture and colours combine to create lasting depth and impact in all our moss art products. By using the effortless natural beauty of this preserved natural moss, you can open up endless creative possibilities to transform your walls with stunning reindeer moss art. 100% natural, 100% gorgeous.
Get Creative
Our reindeer moss art offers a choice of many colours. Added to the natural spectrum of greens, our colour-dyed natural reindeer moss creates a more broad palette to create a stunning impact, with maintenance free, long lasting results from all our reindeer moss art.
Easy Install
With our 100 natural reindeer moss art, large or small areas can be installed quickly with minimal fuss. Reindeers moss offers a unique texture, allowing three dimensional sculpting, moulded forms, pillowed and rounded shapes as well as must-touch velvet softness.

How to Care for Your Reindeer Moss Decorations?

When it comes to your reindeer moss decoration, it’s likely to be the neatest decoration in your home or office, and thankfully, it is almost maintenance free. 100% natural reindeer moss is ideal for your living wall garden, with this moss art working alongside live or artificial plants. While you won’t have to spend a lot of time on your moss art wall, helpful tips can ensure moss decoration upkeep.

Giving Your Moss Light
Though it looks and feels genuine, real, reindeer moss and moss art needs very little care. Similar to an artificial indoor wall garden, natural reindeer moss, used in our moss art and moss decoration products, doesn’t need sunlight to thrive, as natural reindeer moss is preserved moss. Though not technically alive, the preserved moss we use in our moss art and moss decoration products is able to maintain a robust, healthy look due to careful treatments designed to carefully conserve its original state. With preserved moss and preserved plants, ensure that they don’t get too much direct sunlight, as the reindeer moss may lose some of its vibrancy.
No Need to Water
Many people wonder how to care for a preserved reindeer moss indoor living wall. Thankfully, the preserved moss we use in our moss art doesn’t need water, as its condition renders it maintenance-free. Reindeer moss, or preserved moss will forever flourish all on its own, with little to no effort needed from you.
Maintenance Free Moss
When it comes to reindeers moss, framed moss, and preserved moss on your indoor wall garden, it is almost like having an artificial one. With this kind of moss art, there is absolutely no need to water it, no need to fertilize it, no need to worry about moving it in and out of sunlight. Preserved moss is essentially maintenance free. Another important part of using reindeer moss is that it does not grow, ensuring that you will not have to trim it back over the years. Reindeer moss walls allow you to incorporate an indoor living wall into your home or office, so contact us today for all your preserved moss projects and products.

Reindeer Moss Art is a new and functional element used as design for interior spaces.

With the power to transform an ordinary room into something stunning, sumptuous and stylish moss art combines the best of nature, with the wonders of technology and design, giving moss art and moss decoration an impactful quality. As well as this, moss art and reindeer moss also delivers scientific advantages including:

Improved Air Quality

When we use preserved moss in our moss art, we are helping fight pollution, as pollutants in the rain and the air cling to the surface of the preserved moss. Though pollutants are stuck there, bacteria converts them into the plant’s biomass, making moss art highly environmentally friendly.

Improved and Enhanced Productivity

Based on extensive research of correlations between plants and productivity in the workplace, three different workspaces were created. Where moss art, moss decoration, and framed moss were present, those working show more innovative thinking and problem solving ability.

Reduced Stress Levels

Scientists studied stress levels in various employees, concluding that where there is moss art, frame moss and other plants, such as those available from our moss online store, people were 12 per cent less stressed than participants working at workstations without plants.

Noise Reduction Benefits

As people try to reduce noise and create more peaceful environments, we know that our moss art, framed moss and moss decoration can help with noise reduction in homes. Just as people escape to forests when they’re looking for peace and quiet, moss walls and moss art can bring this to noise reduction to a loud urban home, with framed moss potentially reducing ambient noises by as much as 5 decibels.

Reduction in Airborne Dust

At Reindeer Moss Art, we know that moss is colonised by bacteria that subsists on the decomposition of organic substances, allowing it to reduce airborne dust, which is where moss art can help. Airborne dust can contain a variety of potentially dangerous contaminants. When people inhale airborne dust, they’re put at risk for dust-related diseases, so preserved moss art is a good idea.

Moisture Level Control

Moss, preserved moss, and moss art can stabilise moisture levels in a room, keeping humidity between 40% and 60%, and preserved moss, as used in moss art, can also absorb moisture out of the air when humidity is high and then release it back to the air when humidity is low.

Designing with reindeer moss art & moss decoration

Reindeer Moss is also referred to as Deer Moss or Caribou Moss, a light-colored Fruticose (bushy, branched)Lichen (Cladonia Rangiferina). With a name like reindeer moss, it is not surprising that it is the primary food for reindeers. Reindeer moss grows in both hot and cold climates, mostly flourishing in well-drained, open spaces, with reindeer moss particularly flourishing in areas of alpine tundra due to it being cold-hardy.

Thankfully, reindeer moss can be preserved in a way that is entirely eco-friendly, where water is replaced in the plant glycerine. Reindeer moss that we use for our moss art and moss decoration is handpicked in its natural environment following ecological practices, with an ISO Certification for sustainable harvesting in a way that allows for fast regrowth.

All the reindeer moss you will find on our moss online store and used in our moss decoration is coloured afterwards with food based dye, giving a wide range of lovely, and different vibrant colour options. For any moss art or moss decoration to look and remain as lush as when it is living, the air humidity in your space should be above 30% . The average air humidity is approximately 50% in a home or office.

When it comes to interior design projects, our preserved plants and moss art has some truly stunning qualities, and our moss art is made with reindeer moss that is preserved and no longer living or growing, making it highly versatile and easy to maintain. Reindeer moss used for our moss art and moss decoration needs no watering, no trimming and no light, making it ideal for most indoor spaces where living plants could not survive.