Moss Walls

Moss walls are only made of the premium quality Finnish preserved moss. There are two different types of moss you can choose from: reindeer moss and bun moss. These have also three different shades of green; green apple (light), green spring (medium), dark forest (dark).

Depends on the room you'd like to install it, we use two different boards: moisture resistant and non-moisture resistant.

The moss wall is created from the moss panels that are 7 mm thick, the moss thickness is about 5-6 cm. Our moss walls can fit to every vertical surface within your home or office. It will also fill your bathroom as the high humidity rooms are perfect environments for moss. It will leave your moss wall well moisture and will clear the air. The moss walls must no be installed on the surface that is exposed to direct sunlight as this will damage the moss.

As the moss used for moss walls is already preserved it will not grow and you don’t have to worry about any maintenance: just let it be and enjoy the view of nature for many years. If you find it a bit dry that means the air is dry too but don't worry it will regain it softness in a better humid day. It is a natural hygrometer.

The moss wall will enchants your space with the power of nature, so you can feel relaxed and calmed.

To build your own bespoke moss wall please contact us for more details on