Moss Cubes

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A reindeer moss in a concrete cube available in three different colours.

You can buy it individually or as set of 3.

Make sure it is kept away from the direct sun as it is designed for indoors only.

The moss is already preserved and will not grow. You don't need to worry about watering and pruning. It absorbs moisture from the air which makes it soft. It purifies the air which is perfect for people with allergies.

It will perfectly suit your lounge, bedroom or even bathroom, bringing a bit of nature into your home. Perfect as a gift or to treat yourself.

Each cube is unique as this is a handmade product.

Felt protectors attached underneath protect your furniture from scratching.

How to care for the moss:
- do not water,
- do not expose to sunlight,
- keep away from heat sources,
- exclusive indoor use.

Available in one size: Height: approx11cm, Width: 6.5cm.