Reindeer Moss Wall Panel

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As the moss used for moss walls is already preserved it will not grow and you don’t have to worry about any maintenance: just let it be and enjoy the view. If you find it a bit dry that means the air is dry too but don't worry it will regain it softness in a better humid day. It is a natural hygrometer.

- Relaxed and calming affects
- Good for mental health
- Sound dampener
- Size 50cm x 50cm x 6cm each (it can be also cut to size).
- Moss thickness 5-6cmm
- Can fit to any wall in the home or office.
- Perfect for bathrooms as the high humidity is the perfect environment for moss. 
- Not suitable for direct sunlight walls.
- Depending on the room you'd like to install the wall in, we use two different boards: moisture resistant and non-moisture resistant.

We offer the installation service within the M25 orbital but you can easily install it yourself. Contact us on, to find out more and detail which board.