Sweet Home Gift Box

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Treat yourself or give as a gift this sweet & cosy gift box.

This natural gift set includes:

1 x Bamboo pot with green apple reindeer moss.
Handmade and eco-friendly natural decorations bamboo pot filled with light green preserved reindeer moss.

Make sure it is kept away from the direct sun as it is designed for indoors only.

The moss is already preserved and will not grow. You don't need to worry about watering and pruning. It absorbs moisture from the air which makes it soft. It purifies the air which is perfect for people with allergies.

Each pot is unique as this is a handmade product.

How to care for the moss:
- do not water,
- do not expose to sunlight,
- keep away from heat sources,
- exclusive indoor use.

Height approx. 11-12cm

1 x set of 4 Reindeer coasters

Reindeer head coasters made of mango wood in rustic style will add festive chic to your home this Christmas. 

Coaster dimensions: Height 15 cm, Width 15 cm.

1 x Pure beeswax pillar candle 

Our candles are unique, hand-rolled made of 100% pure beeswax which are eco-friendly.

Beeswax has a slight silky sheen and its colour may change over time, which only emphasises its completely natural character.

All candles should be placed on suitable holders or surfaces before lighting. Never leave burning candles unattended.

- 100% pure beeswax
- Natural Home Decorations
- Eco friendly product
- Hand rolled pillar candle
- Hypo-allergic

Height: 135 mm

Diameter: 45 mm

1 x Dark chocolate with honey Raspberry and Chili 70g
Handmade chocolate. It is prepared with passion by masters of their profession using the best Belgian chocolate. 

1 x Multiflower nectar honey 140g
It is considered the most popular variety of honey. Due to the mild and sweet taste, multiflower honey is especially recommended for children. Multiflower honey has a high content of simple sugars (glucose and fructose).
Multiflower honey is especially recommended for:
- Allergic conditions of the respiratory tract,
- Physical and mental exhaustion,
- Diseases of the heart and blood vessels.